You are only able to access mailboxes that you have permissions for. 

Shared mailboxes are used for departmental correspondence where more than one person needs to have access to read and respond to messages. The Crown College has shared mailboxes for Administration, Admissions, Finance, etc. For these kind of shared mailboxes where the mail is highly managed and frequently replied to, it is best to use the first method of opening the mailbox.

Resource mailboxes are used for scheduling rooms and equipment. If you are the delegate authority for any resources or rooms, all you need to do is approve or decline requests so it is best to add these to your account using the second method.

Use the links below to learn how to open a shared mailbox that you have permission to access:

First Method -> Open resource/shared mailbox in new Outlook on the Web browser tab/window

Second Method -> Add resource/shared mailbox in your folder list

Caveats to adding a shared mailbox to your folder list:

  • You can't pin messages to the top of the list. 
  • You must specifically select the From: address for every message sent by you to ensure it is being sent from the appropriate mailbox.
  • Calendars attached to the shared mailbox can be viewed but not managed.