Automatically using the Exchange Server

The Crown College main calendar can appear automatically on iOS and Android devices under the right circumstances. The easiest way is to (1) install the Outlook app on your device and add your Crown College Office 365 account to it. The other way is to (2) use the built in Android/iOS apps for your email and calendars. Follow the instructions carefully in this solution for Android devices or this solution for iOS devices.

 If your Office 365 account is added to your device is either manner above, then any Office 365 calendar invitation you accept or any internet calendar you subscribe to using Outlook on the Web will automatically appear in your calendars app. 

Click here and use your Crown email address to request an invitation to automatically add the Crown College calendar everywhere you use Office 365.

Manually (iPhone)

To add the college calendar to your Apple Calendar manually, follow the following steps:

1) Navigate to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account

2) Select "Other" as the account type

3) Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"

4) Copy & paste the following address into the "Server" field: (Note: It may be easiest to copy & paste this code into an email to yourself and then copy & paste on your iOS device.

5) Tap "Next"

6) Change the description to "College Calendar" or a name of your choosing. Leave all other fields as default.

7) ** Optional/recommended ** Select to remove alarms from the calendar.

8) Tap "Save"

The Crown College calendar is now showing in your Apple Calendar application!

Manually (Android)

To add the college calendar to the native Calendar manually, follow the following steps on a computer, not on your Android device. Please note that Android device software varies greatly and some interpretation may be required for your specific phone brand and version.

1) Navigate to:

2) Log In to the Google Calendar account that is used on your Android device

3) Select the option button to the right Other Calendar

4) Select Add by Url

5) Copy & paste the iCal Link below into the URL field

6) Open the Calendar app on your Android device

7) Select Calendars

8) Select (check) the new calendar you would like to view

The Crown College calendar is now showing in your Android Calendar application!