1. In any web browser (Chrome, Safari,Firefox, etc.) navigate to http://mail.thecrowncollege.edu/

2. Sign in with your Crown College provided Office 365 account credentials. This is an email address that ends with @thecrowncollege.edu. If you don't know your temporary password, visit http://support.thecrowncollege.edu/ to

create a new support ticket requesting your temporary password.

3. On your first login attempt, you will be required to enter a new password. Once your new password is accepted, you will be required to enter additional security info for account recovery purposes. Providing accurate information is necessary should you require your password to be reset in the future. When done, you will be returned to the login screen and should be able to complete signing in.

4. Upon signing in you will be requested to select a language and time zone, and then presented with the Outlook web-based app. Go to the Office 365 homepage by clicking on “Office 365” at the top left of the window shown above. If “Office 365” isn’t shown, widening the browser window will make it appear.

5. The remainder of these instructions are optional, but following them can improve your experience with Office 365. Click on your name at the top right of the window shown above and then “View account”

6. Click “Personal Info” on the left side of the page to upload your profile picture and/or change your displayed name, title, department, address, mobile phone number (for password reset), and alternate email address.

7. Click “Settings” on the left side of the page to select which Office 365 screen is displayed when you sign on, select your notification preferences, install Microsoft Office applications, and set your preferred language and time zone.

8. Click “Security & Privacy” on the left side of the page to change your password and mailing list preferences. Note that this page may falsely state your password is expiring in a few days. Crown College does not force password changes based on time, however it is recommended to change your passwords occasionally.

9. Click “Install Status” on the left side of the page to see which devices you have Office applications activated on. You can also deactivate a device if you no longer use Office applications on it.