Seeing a screen similar to the one above? Sign-in issues like this are usually caused by outdated cookies being saved in the web browser. Here's how to fix it in most cases:

Safari on Mac

  1. In Safari, click Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data
  2. Click Remove All
  3. Attempt to sign in again. If problem persists create a support ticket.

Chrome on Mac

  1. In Chrome, click Chrome > Clear Browsing Data..
  2. Select only Cookies and other site and plugin data
  3. Next to Obliterate the following items from: choose any time frame you wish
  4. Attempt to sign in again. If problem persists retry step 3 with a longer timeframe until the beginning of time is attempted.  
  5. If selecting the beginning of time hasn't helped, create a support ticket.

Click here for removing cookies on Windows based browsers (Warning: advertisements).

If removing cookies from your browser doesn't fix the issue and you're signing in at, try instead to sign in directly on the Microsoft sign-in page at

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