Accessing the Support Site

The Crown College has implemented an IT support website to more efficiently meet the IT needs of our faculty and students. The website address below can be copied and added as a bookmark to your browser, or maybe drag the link to your desktop to create a shortcut!

Support can also be obtained easily through Moodle under HELPFUL LINKS as shown in the image below:

Additionally, while using Office 365 on the Web, there is a help button on the navigation bar:

Click on the ? and you'll see links to request help as shown below. Click on Request IT assistance for the quickest possible response:

Using the Support Site

Over the course of time the IT staff will be expanding a searchable Knowledge Base that should provide self-help for many issues. Below is a screenshot showing the support site homepage. There is no requirement to create an account on the support site. Relevant Knowledge base articles will appear as you type in the search bar. If you cannot find a relevant article, click +New support ticket to generate a request for help. Follow the simple instructions and you will receive a response as quickly as possible. below is an example of a filled in support ticket. Notice how the Related articles... on the right side shows a possible solution to the problem already!