These printers are ONLY available to faculty and staff members connected to the wired network or connected to wireless networks named CC-Faculty, Academy or Temple.

If you receive an error following these instructions, please take a picture of your screen and include it in a support ticket by clicking "+ New" at the top right of this page.

Download the latest driver for the operating system on your computer: 

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 | Mac OS 10.9 or newer | Mac OS 10.8 | Mac OS 10.7 | Mac OS 10.6

PC Instructions

1. Locate your download folder in Windows Explorer and unzip the installation file. Do this by right-clicking the downloaded filename and selecting the option "Extract all". DO NOT try to install the drivers while browsing the ZIP file contents. 

2. Locate and open the extracted folder and double click "Setup.exe".

3. You may receive a User Access Control warning. Click yes to accept it to continue.

4. Agree to the Installation License Agreement.

5. In the Product/Model Selection Screen, select C287Series for the college admin office/front lobby printer, C658Series for the college faculty office/conservatory printer, C658Series for the church printer, or C368Series for the academy admin office and then click Next

6. In the Select menu to setup, leave everything as default and click Next.

7. In the Select Printer/MFP to Install window, you should see printers appear depending on your wireless network: If using the college CC-Faculty network you'll see which is the admin office and which is the conservatory. If using the church Temple network, you'll see If using the Academy wifi, you'll see Check the one you want installed and then click Next.

8. In the Selecting the installation setting window, keep everything as default (English, Print 2-sided, and ONLY the component option which ends with "PCL"). Click Next.

9. In the Confirm Installation Settings window, click Install.

10. In the Finish Installing Drivers window, select Rename Printer.

11. Rename the printer to a name you'll remember as the admin office or conservatory/faculty office.

12. Click OK, and the Click Finish. You're new printer is installed and ready to be used.

13. If you would like to install the other Konica-Minolta printer that is available, restart these instructions from Step 2 and select the correct options for the other printer.

Mac Instructions

1. Locate the download folder and open the zip file that was downloaded.

2. Open the folder named "OS_10_<version#>_x"

3. Open the folder named "Letter"

4. Double-click the filename "bizhub<...>pkg"

5. In the installation window Introduction section, click Continue.

6. In the Read Me section, click Continue.

7. In the License section, click Continue and then click Agree.

9. In the Installation Type section, click Install.

10. When the installation completes, click Close.

11. Open "System Preferences" and select "Printers & Scanners" 

12. Click the + at the bottom left of the list and select "Add Printer or Scanner". DO NOT SELECT FROM THE NEARBY PRINTERS LIST.

13. The C227 model is located in the college administration office. The C458 model is located in the college conservatory/faculty building. The C358 model is located in the academy administration office. The C558 model is located in the church offices. In the list of printers shown, select the KONICA-MINOLTA C227, C358, C458 or C558 as needed. 

<Image to be added when available>

14. If adding the C458, select the options as shown below and click OK.

15. If adding the C227, select the options as shown below and click OK.

16. If you would like to add the other printer that wasn't installed, repeat steps 11-15.